Dry Reef Rock Cut

Dry Reef Rock Cut New Products Reef Rock Cut deeLiving Inc present and Officials launching the new Catalogue of new product Reef Rock to keep compete in aquatic products especially for architecturally aqua scaping Foundation Reef Rock Slab Reef Rock Pedestal Reef Rock Dry Reef Rock Chunk  deeLiving Reef rock as known Aragonites Rock now…

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Ocean Reef Rock (4)

Ocean Reef Rock

deeLiving Inc- Ocean / Reef Rock is Limestone carbonate sedimentary rock that is often composed of the skeletal fragments of marine organisms such as coral, foraminifera, and molluscs.

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River Stone Bath Tube (1)

River Stone Sinks & Bath Tubes

deeLiving’s River Stone Collection is made from natural River stone, cut and manually drained by our best craftsmen, bring your interiors imaginations to touch the luxury and natural beauty.

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Marble Bath Tube (5)

Bath Tube, Shower Tray & Sinks

deeLiving welcomes you to see and browsed our products lines of a luxury Natural Sinks and Pedestals stone, manufactured from the finest stones and carefully crafted use only hands of the gifted artisans.

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Petrified Wood Sinks (12)

Petrified Wood Sinks & Bath Tube

deeLiving welcomes you to see and browsed our luxurious Products from Natural Sinks, Bath tub and Pedestals from Petrified wood, manufactured begin by selected the finest stones carefully, precision cutting and then crafted using only the hands by the gifted artisans.

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River Stone GArden Lamp (1)

Garden Collections

In this Page deeLiving would like to present the Collections that suit for your garden, especially to them who dedicated their life in the gardening or love to set their own backyard.

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Nature Stone Marble Sink

deeLiving welcomes you to see and browsed our lines of the luxury Nature Marble Sink stone, manufactured by hand from the finest stones carefully crafted using only the hands of the gifted artisans.

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Wall Cladding

The Wall Cladding series from deeLiving are made from single solid stone, designed to give the walls amazing expression, suitable for building interior or exterior, the shapes gives a several effects, depending on how the tile is laid.

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Mosaic Stone Collection

deeLiving’s Mosaic Stone collection called Mosaic Cut Series, it has various form Parquet, Alur, Sesek, Batako and Gedek. using the best materials from the sources in Indonesia.

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Packaging Here you can see the reference of packaging that we do Container Depo Packaging Aquatic Packaging Sinks Sink Production

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