Stone Tiles - Mosaic Pebbles

In each Pebble mosaic is consisting of the highest quality and with an extensive range of colours and styles. All stones are gathered from different islands throughout Indonesia Archipelago and sorted hand by hand to ensure that only the best quality of gravel in order to achieve uniformity in the size, colour and flatness. deeLiving produce two pebble mosaic series with Interlock system Mosaic Pebbles borders and Mosaic Pebbles tiles.

Mosaic Pebbles Borders and Tiles

Mosaic Pebbles borders have a strong attribute to create an attractive focal point, it is with contrasting colours and materials such as concrete, sandstone and wood, use as combination. They will brighten each room or area you choose to emphasize.

Mosaic Slice Pebble Tiles

Mosaic slice Pebble tiles present a cost-effective way, since they are suitable for paths, driveways, facades and patios but also for indoor use. Some applications with a mixture of mosaic pebble borders and mosaic slice pebble tiles can be very effective and attractive.