Aquarium Root by deeLiving Inc.

deeLiving Inc- Aquarium Root is in Latin name  Gliricidia Sepium named.

The Root is environmental collected as the Root is found on Limestone soil.

Each Root will be without bark and then high pressure washed.

The Roots are then dried and sorted according to size.

We packing the small sizes in plastic bags and the big size will be loaded loos into the Container.

Aquarium Root

Available sizes:

X-small                       10-20

small                           20-25

medium                       25-40

large                            35-50

X-large                        45-60

Jumbo                         50-70

lang, medium              35-50

lang, large                   50-70

the size can be variable.


Root´s available Sizes and colour will vary

  • 100% Environment safe

Note: given pictures is for reference purpose only. Actual colour, shape and size may variable from each to another because 100% natural (not Manmade)