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is a supplier of the highest quality natural stones. Based on our experience in this industry, we have our networks in Europe and the USA. Our manufacturing facilities are located mainly at the nearby and locally abundant natural stone resources.

Due to the rich and massive natural stone sources from the archipelagos of Indonesia, we strive to continue to expand the awareness of this beautiful natural stone internationally.

Stone, known to offer its unique beauty of its colors and patterns as well as its own exquisite design. We offer our customers a range of collections of high quality natural stone products that show you countless possibilities to meet your individual needs and demands.

The originality of each piece of stone, elegant marble, limestone and even simple casual sandstone, basalt, granite and lava obtained by different processing of surface structures and unusual color schemes are admirably emphasized.

In our collections, we offer several series of mosaics and wall panels where you can choose among the more simple designs or sophisticated designs, which give an additional individual style. Other variants we offer are our colorful pebbles, as a mosaic or stone carpets manufactured as a whole or cut pebble. The pebble stones are available in bulk.

On our website you will find in our extensive range, includes beautiful stone sculptures, stone plant pots and water fountains in various forms. Accessories made of natural stone and marble sink and bathtub or river stone. Especially to point out is our exactly accurate calibration of our entire range of our natural stone tiles.

Another highlight is our over millions of years petrified wood, natural, polished or processed. Each individual piece is always unique and will give a sense of luxury.

Each product of natural stone is processed in an environmentally friendly and large manufactured with precised hand work.

To set other accents for your complete equipment, we have expanded our range with its stylish interior. In this range you will find high quality teakwood and rattan furniture for indoor and outdoor, unusual lamps, the finest and extravagant bedding, to exclusive designer collections.

Our philosophy is to serve our customers in various areas well, we put on a strict and detailed quality control to ensure best quality products. All our products are strictly kept under fair and human working conditions.

We are happy to present our collections and look forward to your request. If you need further assistance, please contact info@deeLiving.com

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dissociates itself from child labor.