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About us

Our company is active worldwide in the areas of import and export projects. is under German management. Our focus is in the range of natural stone in the form of tiles in all variants, fossil stones, reliefs and sculpture. Our philosophy is to bring the beauty of nature close to the our hearts.

Our customers are the centre set of our core business focus, because we want each one of our customers to feel comfortable and satisfaction. That is why we are specialized on the extraordinary living and lifestyle for interior and exterior.

In our product range you will find beautiful natural stones for flooring, walls, bathrooms, stone sculptures, fancy furniture, lighting and the finest bedding for your personal requirements. Each product is handmade and is replaced by its refinement and unique feature, so we can make, even custom-made for you individually and produce custom made furniture.

We also specialize in setting new trends in hotels and restaurants as well as in Spa and ambiance. Our motto is to provide you with a pleasant atmosphere and you'll quickly enhance more quality of life, while nothing can be extraordinary enough to feel comfortable. That is why we always have to fullfill your expectation more than require, no matter how committed each individual is.

To expand the diversity, we are constantly on the move to explore new designs for you. The manufacturing processes as well as the quality control only be reviewed by us personally on the spot and carried out.

If you could not find the product you're looking for, please do not hesitate to e-mail us directly for further assistance at info@deeLiving.com

Managing Director
Klaus Heselschwerdt

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deeLiving Inc.
Kensington Gardens
No. U1317, Lot 7616
Jalan Jumidar Buyong
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